Impression™ is a digital document delivery and signature business solution with a commitment to making this innovative technology available to the public.

About the company

  • Creating effortless signature solutions
    Creating effortless signature solutions

    Impression™ and its people aspire to build products that are easy to use, based on open standards and are inexpensive. We endeavour to create an enabling environment that delivers on the benefits of paperless signing for everyone and are committed to helping companies embrace the way customers want to experience products in the digital age. To achieve this, we provide omni-channel enabled, digital document delivery and signature solutions that make the customer journey an effortless and seamless process for both consumers and businesses.

Value proposition

Since 2011, Impression Signatures has been providing legally compliant electronic signatures for the private sector, particularly the financial services industry. Our innovation has been globally recognised and have received several patents in the United States, United Kingdom and throughout Africa. In 2015, Impression Signatures launched its very successful line of mobile enabled signature products. These have been gaining momentum both locally and internationally.

Our Team