Our Team

Andrew PapastefanouFounder of Impression Signatures

    Andrew has always had a special interest in Information Security. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Pretoria and began his professional consulting career with Oracle where he specialised in Identity and Access Management. After a good few years at the company, Andrew embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey and founded a technology consulting practice and team, Prosense Technology. The company has advised and guided some of South Africa’s major banks, government as well as leading insurance and tertiary education organisations by offering a better signing solution. In 2012, the same signing solution – ‘Impression’ – was rolled out, saving customers millions of Rands. This solution grew to such an extent that in 2015, Impression™ branched off to form its own company, ‘Impression Signatures’.

    With popularity and use gaining in South Africa, the team at impression™ sets sights on global growth and sought a partner with the size, expertise and reach to take the tried-and-tested impression™ solution into Africa and beyond. In October 2017, impression™ reached an agreement to join EOH who shares the team’s vision and strategy for both digitalisation and improving customer experience.